Wow! I didn't know people actually clicked on the link in the bio, that's interesting! You are probably here to find out some more info about me so I will just jump right into it while I still have your attention. 

My name is Ishan (if you didn't know already) it's pronounced (E-Shawn Go-L) I am currently 18 years old and I recently graduated from high school. 

Work that I do: I am called a Gen Z Marketer (aka the reason you feel like ads follow you around as you browse the internet) I help companies position their brand so they can gain a better grip on today's forever changing market. I do this through any means possible - included but not limited to: Facebook & Instagram ads, Snapchat, Youtube, press and media....this list goes on. I mainly work on marketing strategy and growth hacking.  

Despite my age have worked with presidential candidates (2016), fortune 500 companies like Frito Lays, American Airlines, NBA teams and the list goes on. 

Current projects: 

  • IG Marketing LLC. 
  • Ishan Goel Photography
  • Mark Cuban Companies
  • Director of Reps & Growth at East Coast Lifestyle. 
  • LinkedIn Campus Editor
  • CalHacks (hackathon) 
  • Writer @Entrepreneur Magazine and Thrive Global

Collaborate? Questions? Ideas? Reach out!

I respond to every message! 

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